Sunday, July 16, 2017

Flip flops fun

Hope you all enjoying your summer.

I have made a cute gatefold card using 

To make this, I printed two of the Flip Flop. To get it to be a mirror
image of itself, I searched the web to find a free image flipper.
I then colored them with Prisma Colored pencils.
I put them together like I wanted them to look when the gatefold is closed. What I traced became my pattern for the inside (back) of my card. I then laid it on the middle of some cardstock and folded the ends over the pattern. Once folded I glued each flip flop to the folded ends (now the front of the card). I cut the folded pieces to become the shape of the flip flops. The edges where the folds are, I left most of it uncut. I opened the card and glued the pattern inside so that there is a nice, light paper to write a message or invite to give to someone.

I hope you continue to have a wonderful, crafty summer.